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Partnering with You for Success

The business model for William A. Farrell & Associates LLC is based on a plan which centers on a limited number of clients, drawn from diversified industries, as opposed to a concentration in any one industry or business sector. Our focus will be to assume representation from only those individual companies and trade associations that are leaders within their respective industry sectors.

While the array of client requirements on any given project can vary tremendously, the need to have these requirements met with in-house resources is no longer necessary. What is important is that the resources best suited for the particular issue at hand are available and accessible to the client. Whether the project needs a public relations response, an opinion poll, or a media adviser, the critical factor is access to the best talent the marketplace can provide. The relationship that William A. Farrell & Associates LLC has developed with media consultants and public relations firms over the years is unparalleled, and assures that the specific demands of an assignment are properly met.

Although we are quite proud of the clients that the firm has represented, we are sensitive to our confidential relationship with the clients we represent. We have therefore decided to withhold from our website a list of our present and former clients. As an alternative, we have developed a policy of providing, upon a written request, a list of those clients that we have represented as a registered lobbyist, as such registration is public information and available online at the Rhode Island Secretary of State's website.


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